Shopkeeper Removes Child’s Nails, Beats Him With Pipe After Failing To Recover His Money


With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, a subsequent surge is seen in child abuse cases. Since the past months, we have been bombarded with tragic and horrendous news of such cases.

The explosive waves of child abuse cases have taken over Pakistan. Every now and then we hear about a minor getting tortured and abused to death. There are reports of a surge in suspected child abuse cases in Pakistan.

An 11-year-old child is reported to be brutally tortured in Lahore. According to details, a shop owner removed his nails using pliers and inhumanly hit him with a plastic pipe.

Humanity has certainly ceased to exist

As per the details, the 11-year-old is identified as Moosa. Reportedly, the child went to a shop near his residence to buy some groceries.

He did not return home for a long time, which made his paternal uncle file an abduction complaint with the police. Later, the uncle stated, “The child was recovered from outside the street of his residence in an unconscious condition.”

In addition to this, the uncle claimed that an unknown con man took away the child and used him to purchase an LCD from the Kahna area in Lahore. He further added that the unknown person abandoned the child with the shopkeeper. This person said that he would take away the child after he returns from his home where he wants other members of his house to approve the purchase of LCD.

Furthermore, the uncle said, “When the con man did not return, the shopkeeper brutally tortured the innocent child.”

The child confirmed the entire story and added that he was brutally tortured with a plastic pipe followed by his nails getting removed using pliers.

In addition to this, the family of the victim has demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar to take notice of the incident. They have also asked to bring the culprits to justice.

It is beyond anyone to even comprehend what these cruel creatures gain out of torturing children. Moreover, this is not the first case of child torture. Two weeks back a 13-year-old maid was tortured by her employer and inflicted pain over minor mistakes. And before that, an 8-year-old maid was beaten to death for accidentally setting some parrots.

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