‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Has Already Started Filming


Stranger Things season 4 has apparently already started filming, with set photos making their way onto the internet.

I’ll be honest, sort of like how the Fantastic Beasts franchise now has to throw a few animals in there to make sure they fill that whole “fantastic beasts” quote, I feel like Stranger Things shot themselves in the foot with their name.

By their very nature, the things that happen in Stranger Things need to be stranger than the last things that happened, and I’d argue that the things that happened in Stranger Things season three weren’t as strange as the the things that happened in Stranger Things seasons one and two.

It was just a bunch of teens kissing and one wanting to play Dungeons and Dragons. Quite normal, really.

Nonetheless, after the rather understandable downfall of House of Cards, Orange is the new Black ending, Marvel ditching the streaming service and various other shows either being between seasons or just not hitting the heights they were supposed to, Stranger Things is very much still Netflix’s masthead show, pulling in a global audience and making stars of everyone it touches.

It’s no surprise then that after the third season being released earlier this year, the streaming service has tied the cast down to film another season and that’s apparently already started.

One fan who lives nearby where the series is filmed managed to snap a few shots of what looks to be Hopper’s car and more as the production has begun.

In tune with the ever wacky Reddit usernames, ChihuahuaWithBoombox posted the images on the social network (or whatever you’d call Reddit) with the caption:

Filming has begun in Rome, Georgia.”

Responding to comments on the post, small dog with a radio went on:

They’re currently filming behind my brother’s house on E 9th.

You may be surprised to see Hopper’s car there, given his fate at the end of the third season, but after Netflix dropped an announcement for season four, fans took to Twitter with their theories, saying he’s still alive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy that Hopper died and if it weren’t for the fact that he’s now a big name in Hollywood, with roles in the MCU, his own superhero franchise (that probably won’t go anywhere) and other such titles, then I’d think for certain that he was coming back to Stranger Things; especially given that there was no body after his death.

Is Hopper still alive in Stranger Things?

The prevailing fan theory is that Hopper is alive and – though probably not well – in Russia.

As the teaser forebodingly says “We’re not in Hawkins anymore,” fans are speculating this is because the gang are now in the Soviet state, trying to save their friend and sometimes father figure.

Is Billy still alive in Stranger Things?

Though he didn’t get a Steve Harrington-esque glow-up, Billy apparent demise led many to want him back, with another theory being that he’s in the upside down with Hopper, hiding int eh spooky version of the Sheriff’s cabin.

Will Stranger Things season 4 be in Russia?

It could well be. 80s media – and media set in the 80s -are pretty reliant on their Russian villains and we already know that some of their countrymen have some pretty nefarious desires in this particular universe.

Team that with We’re not in Hawkins anymore, and it’s looking more and more likely.

When will Stranger Things season 4 be released?

The series is set for a July 2021 release.

Quite a long wait then…


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