Strike ends as PLRA agrees to increase staffers’ salaries


Final decision will be taken after recommendations from Punjab Finance Department

The staff members of Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) ended their strike on Friday after the board agreed to increase the salaries of the staff members but delayed the final decision until it receives recommendations from the Punjab Finance Department.

According to sources, staff members were on strike due to the absence of a proper service structure and the lack of increments in their salaries since the past four years. However, after the director general assured them that their issues would be discussed in a board meeting, the staffers agreed on ending the strike.

On the condition of anonymity, an official of the land record authority said that the meeting concluded without any positive result. “The board has the power to give increments to the staff members but the issue has been deliberately delayed,” the official said, adding that there is no shortage of funds either as the authority collects revenue for the government.

“The meeting was held to resolve multiple issues, including implementation of a proper service structure, regularisation of contractual employees while giving increments to deserving employees. However, no clear decision was made and the issue was once again delayed. In my opinion, the meeting was just a waste of time,” the official said.

The official further said that the issue will now be decided by the Finance Department but the word is that the department only favours those working under S&GAD. “There is speculation that the department will raise an objection on this matter and purposefully delay it. We are employees of the government but there is significant discrimination against us,” the official said, adding that it is about time the high-ups take this matter seriously or else all staff members of PLRA across the province would go on strike.

On the other hand, PLRA Spokesperson Nadia Ahmed said that the board has given a policy decision on the matter and the final decision will after receiving recommendations from the Finance Department. “The board members are seriously trying to resolve the issues of the staff members,” she said, adding that authority would follow-up with the department to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.


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