Top 10 Signs to Know Your Partner Loves You Madly


It is said that “True Love Cannot be seen, it can only be felt.” True love is free of everything else. Your heart will know when it’s true. But if you are the person who focuses more on reality than illusions, who prefers facts more than fantasies, who needs proof in every situation, then here are the signs you need to pay attention to know if your partner really loves you or not.

1. They don’t mind sharing personal things with you.

Generally, people don’t like sharing their personal stuff with others. Be it an accessory, any personal care item or even food. But the person who is in love with you will happily share everything with you. They don’t mind eating with you on a single plate and sometimes even feed you with their hands. These little things make a big difference and these are a great way of showing affection.

2. They get you handmade gifts.

Now, unless you truly love someone, you won’t waste your time making thoughtful handmade gifts for them. You do this for making them feel special, you give it a lot of thought. So, if your partner gives you handmade stuff rather than expensive gifts, then it is a very good sign. Be it a handmade card, a letter, or even some poetic lines for you, it clearly shows your importance in his/her life.

3. They leave long messages and voice messages for you.

Communication is very important in any relationship. Nowadays, most of the relationship starts online, they are connected through messages. So, if your partner leaves you long paragraphs expressing himself and his love rather then sending short messages from time to time, then know that he trusts you and is comfortable in sharing things with you. He will often leave voice messages for you, which is quite adorable. Always remember it takes a lot of effort and feelings for writing long messages and also recording the voice messages for you.

4. Often leave handwritten notes and surprises for you.

If you get handwritten notes full of love then you’re the lucky ones. People do such things only in love. They leave notes for you behind them. They will even surprise you quite often with the things you don’t even expect from them. If a person who doesn’t even know much about singing, sings for you or a person who can’t even cook, prepares a meal for you, then he is definitely the one. He is obviously trying every possible thing to make you happy.

5. They Cook for you.

It is said that “a way to a person’s heart passes through his stomach”. It is one of the greatest forms of showing affection. The person who loves you will often try to cook for you. Be it breakfast in bed, or your favorite dinner. He will try to make your stomach happy regardless of his cooking skills.

6. They never leave you wondering.

Every relationship has to go through some ups and downs. Many times things just don’t work, some people give up on each other in such a phase. But if a person is madly in love with you, then he will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is. He will never give up on you. Instead, he will communicate with you, figuring out the ways to make the relationship work. He will never leave you wondering as there will be no communication gap.

7. They change themselves, just for you.

Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be true. That said, if we love someone, we love them with all our hearts. We accept them as a person they are, with their imperfections wholeheartedly. But, a person in love changes himself a lot. And by change, we mean the change for good. They often give up on their bad habits, so that they can be an ideal partner for you. Love changes people. Love makes them kind and a better human. So, if your partner is trying to change is stubborn bad habits, then you should definitely trust him.

8. They never ignore your interests and accompanies you in things you enjoy.

Generally, a majority of women enjoy shopping and men enjoy sports. Both of them normally seem uninterested in each other’s preferences like most of the men hates going on shopping and similarly, women don’t enjoy going to a sports event. But, if your partner accompanies you to the places you love regardless of his own interests then it is a sign that your happiness is very important for him.

9. They proudly introduce you to their friends and family

Someone who loves you will confidently introduce you to his friends and especially his family. It is an indication that he is quite serious about you and your relationship. He wants to have a future with you. He will always be proud of having you and never feel shy in exposing you to his world.

10. They will follow your advice.

If someone follows your advice then it definitely means he/she trusts you completely. They have faith in you, that whatever you advise them is for their good, so they blindly follow your advices. Also, when in dullest time, you’ll be the first person they will reach. You will know everything about them, their lives, what they are going through because they let you be a part of their life and play an important role.

Bonus: They never try to change you.

Always keep in mind, if a person loves you truly, then he loves you for what you are, he will never try to change or manipulate you. He will respect your choices, your way of living rather than imposing his lifestyle on you. You will never feel like you are less because he will never let you feel like that. Most importantly, you will be happy from within. So, if you have someone like that, then you’re a lucky one.





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