Ukhano Lodges FIR Against Accusation of Harassment


The latest development in the Ukhano case has come to the forefront with him lodging an FIR against the allegation of harassment and rape. Ukhano was accused earlier this year in July 2019 of harassment and rape by multiple women who came forward on social media.

He has recently uploaded a documentary on his YouTube channel giving a roundup of all the events that happened during the time of allegation and onwards.

The women who have accused him had shared screenshots on social networks as proof of harassment which spread like wildfire.

The vlogger came up with a statement video, refuting all the accusations and claiming that he would be taking legal action against all the alleged accusers.

Ukhano also shared his plan of action after filing the FIR.

This video was shared on Twitter with a heartfelt tweet expressing his trust in his fans and encouraging others to pursue proper legal action against such occurrences.

The tweet concluded with hashtag #UkhanoFalselyAccused, which is stilling trending on Twitter. In reaction, some individuals have supported him whereas many others have demanded proper proof he promised earlier.

The documentary portrays various viewpoints from different people including his lawyer Samaviya Sajjad, fellow vlogger Raza Samo, and even Assistant Director of FIA, Asif Iqbal.

Vlogger Raza Samo even apologized in the video saying that he only believed one side of the story.


Umar Khan’s lawyer Samaviya mentioned a private publication that sided with the accusers only believing one side of the story.

Assistant Director FIA mentioned in the video:

“If someone tries to defame an individual, then an FIR will be filed against the prior, after due investigation.”- by Asif Iqbal

Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours.

The Ukhano harassment case has now taken a new turn. There are still more developments that are yet to come forward with time.

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