Ultimate Guide:Get daily 50,000 Free Facebook Video Views [100% Works in 2019]


Facebook recently launched their video monetization program “Facebook Video Ad Break” Which is only available in few countries. Let’s suppose if your country is supported by Facebook to join their ads program. You need one thing more to get approval for Facebook Ads break is Video views.

Facebook demands for 30,000 views (each view have 1 minute watch time) on your video in the last 60 days. Which clearly shows that you can make money only if you have a big Facebook page with active users.

As it looks difficult for a new person to gain such a huge number of views. Just 60 days without having any experience in Facebook Marketing and promotions.

Maybe it’s difficult until you reach here, After reading this compact guide you will get these numbers within 7 days.

I come up with a complete A-Z Guide Where you learn about How to Get Free Facebook Views.

Here are the results of my recent video which get 100% organic views from Facebook. And I did not spend any money to promote this post.

Before going to the main topic I want to add something related to paid views. You can skip this part if you’re not interested.

Don’t buy Paid views and Likes for Facebook!

Yes, you hear right, never buy Facebook Likes and views from any source or website. Now  Facebook has a very intelligent system, fake likes and views being removed within 3,5 days.

I recently used a liker on my posts and after 3 days when I checked the likes of the posts. There are only 40 likes which are made by my friends. All other 300+ fake like removed by Facebook.

So, what I want to suggest you here is don’t waste your money in buying trash. Even if Facebook did not remove your views and likes. actual things is those views generated by bots.

Again, Getting robotic views on your videos will never add any worth in growth of your Facebook page. You can see a huge number of views on your videos, but in reality, those views are not adding any value to your page.

Facebook Pays for Video views if they are coming from humans. Facebook never pays for views which are generated by any software.

In case you want to spend money, then use Facebook paid ads. At least views you get from Facebook Ads are real and you can track them from analytics.

I think this is enough about Paid Views and Likes!

Now, You might be thinking about how to get 50,000 views without spending money..??

Let’s dive into our main topic and solve this mystery of organic views. The technique I used in this guide is 100% free and Automotive. Which means you can do this thing daily on any device you have Like a Tablet, PC, Mobile phone or Laptop.

How to get daily 50,000 Free Facebook Video views without spending money:

In this section, I am going to share a live case study of my friend’s brand new Facebook Page. He created this page for his YouTube channel which almost has 25,000+ Subscribers right now. But on Facebook, he has 60 Likes before applying this technique.

You can see in this Screenshot before 16 Dec Page is totally dead. But after 16 Dec Page getting likes instantly and all the likes are organic. You may be thinking what kind of magic we did to this page?

Wait… I have to show you complete report this page, where you can see how much reach come to this page within 1 week. Surprisingly results I show comes from 2 videos only.

Almost reach of 200,00, 1600 new likes with 74,000 + Video views. This is the overview report of the page. It have 60 likes when we start working on this page.

So now come to over most import point how I achieve these results..??

Requirements for Getting Facebook video views:

  • Facebook Accounts
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Groups ( I will provide you List of 50 Groups where you can share)
  • GoStream Account (Use for auto-live streaming)

1st create 3,4 Facebook accounts, After creating those accounts join the groups. I provided below in pdf file. As if you think these groups are not relevant to your Page. You can search for related groups or ask me I will help you in finding active groups.

Now step 2 is creating Account on GoStreamPK and connecting your Facebook account with GoStreamPK. Connect the account on which your the page admin. Go to Youtube and select a 30 min long video which you want to stream on your page. Keep in mind video should be pre-recorded live discussion of someone who is related to your niche.

In my case, as I use video of a female host of Urdu-Point because my page is related to entertainment. So, after copying the link just follow the video I added below.

Now your video is live and you can check it by visiting your Facebook Page. Share this video into those groups with the gap of 10 seconds and you will get awesome results. As people think a video is real and they start commenting on video and sharing your video. Using GoStream will help you in automating things. Even you can use GoStream Auto Group Poster for sharing your video.

Now screenshot I am going to add is the only result of 30 min live video. It will definitely blow your mind because it’s all organic traffic. I shared this video in 7-8 groups and I found this result.

So, this all about free views technique which I use on one of my friend’s page. I get very interesting results. I shared this with my readers. For group list click here and it will automatically download into your computer.



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