Xiaomi’s New AC can Cool the Room in 30 Seconds


Xiaomi is a popular Chinese brand that is known for the manufacture of smartphones and some other gadgets as well.

The interesting news is that this brand has recently released its brand new AC. Speaking about the features of this air conditioner, they are honestly not up to the mark. This is mainly due to its very moderate price.

You can also try it out and then give your valuable feedback about this new launch by Xiaomi.  The AC is currently launched in China and not in other countries.

The price of this air conditioner is approximately 2,499 Yuan,  which is equal to 75,322 Pakistani rupees.

Some of the cool features of the AC are that it cools the premises in almost 30 seconds. The AFP in this AC is almost about 5.3, which means the AC performs well, especially when it’s hot outside.

The interesting thing about this AC is that it functions between 60 degrees and -32 degrees, which distinguishes it from the normal AC’s.

This air conditioner is also known to save electricity. Its basic function is that of a cooler, but it also acts as a heating machine. This Xiaomi AC is excellent for a 20 square metre room.

This air conditioner uses less electricity. It also has a great compressor. The new and improved technology also supports AI voice control.

Currently, there is no clear information on the launch of the Xiaomi power-saving Pro AC outside of China. But hopefully in the future, it’s launch is expected.


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