YouTube Channels That Would Make Your Ramadan Special


Nowadays, cookbooks are outdated as it is time-consuming to read and cook side by side. Women prefer watching videos of their favorite YouTubers and learning the best recipes from them. Ramadan in Pakistan is one of the most awaited months for Muslims. It is embraced and celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm.

Everything in the country revolves around Ramadan, especially eateries. Women in households take charge of the kitchen and prepare numerous mouth-watering dishes for iftar, including pakoray, samosas, rolls, cholay, fruit chat, etc. Whereas, for sehri Sweet delicacies like khajla and pheni are served for pre-dawn supper.

This article is about five YouTubers and their channels that you could subscribe to for treating your family with the best choices of Ramadan cuisines.

Food Fusion

It is the most known digital food video portal in Pakistan. The couple-focused channel redefines and prepares delicious meals for your loved ones. They use flavorful cooking methods that are simple but up to date. The channel has a lot of high-quality content that is seen and appreciated all over the world. It has 3.8 million subscribers so

Village food Secrets

Mubashir Siddique, a villager who began by following his mother’s recipes, runs this channel, which features traditional village culinary videos as well as urban modern cuisines. His dishes are basic but delicious. He cooks with what he has and enjoys sharing his meals with his family and friends. The channel now has 3.55 million subscribers.

Ruby ka Kitchen

This channel is owned by a Pakistani chef Ruby, who is a grandmother based in America, impressing fans with her unique style of cooking and great personality. She not only cooks Pakistani dishes but brings flavor from all over the sub-continent. It includes an immense number of recipes from regions like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma. She has managed to get 4.75 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Kitchen with Amna

Amna is one of the most followed and subscribed female content creators in Pakistan. She is a food expert from Lahore who has been very consistent in uploading content daily on her channel, which includes Indian, Pakistani, veg and non-veg recipes. Her entertaining and informative videos consist of tasty recipes that any home chef can learn easily. This channel has managed to grab the attention of 4.22 million subscribers.

Cooking Chaos

This YouTube channel is owned by two friends Yasir and Abdul Rehman who try to cook new recipes in their weekly uploaded videos. The created content is quite entertaining as they are complete amateurs in the kitchen. Their videos are informative as well as full of comedy which engages young audiences and makes them want to try cooking too. The channel is still in its growing stages with 25.8k subscribers.

You can make this holy month of Ramadan more enjoyable by subscribing to and watching the content of these YouTubers and trying out their recipes in your kitchen. Their content will surely satisfy your Iftar and Sehri cravings.



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