Pollution in Lahore caused by cross-border field fires, Fawad says


Cross border field fires and environmental conditions are the cause of increasing level of pollution in Lahore, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Wednesday quoted Climate Change Minister Zartaj Gull as having told the federal cabinet the other day.

The science and technology minister tweeted “Indian level of pollution at Wagah is double than Lahore city”.

He said that the Narendra Mordi government in India is failing in every aspect, adding that irresponsible governments are a curse.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Home Department has imposed a ban on the burning of crop residue, solid municipal waste, plastic and leather items for a period of three months across the province under Section 144 (6) CrPC, 1898.

The burning of crop residue, solid municipal waste, tyres, plastic, polythene bags, rubber and leather items etc can create smog in the rice zone, additionally, it can create problem for human life.


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