Home Curious Things A Pakistani caused AT&T for $200 million.

A Pakistani caused AT&T for $200 million.


A US court has sentenced a Pakistani to 12 years in prison for illegally unlocking mobile phones, which caused an American Company — AT&T — to lose $200 million.

According to the US Attorney’s Office in Seattle, Mohammad Fahd, 35, of Karachi played a “leadership role in a seven-year scheme to unlawfully unlock phones to defraud AT&T”.

AT&T’s forensic analysis, quoted in the official statement, shows that Fahd and his co-conspirator unlocked as many as 1,900,033 phones. This caused the company to lose $201,497,430 and 94 cents in seven years.

At the sentencing hearing, US District Judge Robert S. Lasnik noted that Fahd had committed a “terrible cybercrime over an extended period”, even after he was aware that law enforcement was monitoring him.
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