Is It A Bird? A Plane? No, It’s A Monkey In India Flying A Kite


The whole of the world is locked down due to the lethal pandemic of COVID-19. Following this, people across the globe are doing extra-ordinary things, such as gardening, singing at homes, household chores, reading, and many more. However, do you know what does a monkey does during a lockdown?

Well, a viral video for the capital of India, Delhi, depicts a monkey flying a kite. Hillarious, isn’t it? The monkey in full swing flying a kite on. People are yelling towards it to whom the monkey is not responding.

The 12-second video exhibits a monkey seated on the verge of a terrace and flying a kite with the ultimate comfort. Moreover, the beautiful thing about the video is nobody harming the monkey rather appreciating him, unlike those who brutally kill animals.

Soon after the video was shared on Twitter, it became a success and earned hundreds of retweets and likes.

The video

Twitter is amazed at the video. See how people reacted to the viral post.

‘Monkey flying kites, Human in the caves’

Yes, they are

Yet to be known

New skills


Another theory

As per Darwin, the evolution of humans occurred from the apes (monkeys). The diminutive animal is now a step further in becoming a human being. The video depicts that monkeys are successfully following the trajectory of humans. The viral video on twitter brought smiles on the faces of people amid the extended lockdown.

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