Auto Unfriend All Script for Facebook | 100% working Code 2019


In this post, I am  Covering How to unfriend all facebook friends in one click. In these days many Facebook users searching for how to remove/unfriend Facebook Friends in just one click. We try many tools for removing all friends but none of these tools works right now. After little research, we found awesome Facebook Auto Unfriend Script.

This Facebook friend remover script created ByAingcreations.This script comes with major 3 Functions.

  • Auto Unfriend All Friends in one click
  • Auto Invite All Friends into Group in one Click
  • Auto Accept All Friend Requests in One Click

These are the major features of Facebook auto unfriend app and work fine on every device and browser.

You can accept all Friend Requests with this script and also invite you all Friends into your Facebook Group. Last but not least you can remove your all Friends in one click. How unfriend all friends on facebook script works?

This script is very easy to use and supported by all web browsers. I am going to use Google Chrome for the demo you can use any browser. If your looking for how to unfriend on FB mobile then follow same technique.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Goto Facebook
  3. Press F12
  4. Click on Console
  5. Paste this script and Press enter
  6. Now a menu appears on your screen
  7. Select your desired option and Bingo All done

    Now you can unfriend all of your friends without getting blocked by Facebook. No need of using again and again just one-time use and get rid of all of your Facebook Friends. A big thanks to Aing Creations who are the creators of this awesome script.Here is the complete video guide how you can remove your allFriends and accept all friend requests using this Script.

    Hope you will get an idea of using this auto unfriend FB Script. Now you’re able to use unfriend all friends on facebook at once script chrome and other devices as well.
    Download script by Click Download now Button.Thanks for Reading this post if you like this post then share with friends. Bookmark us and get the latest tricks and tips.


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