Meet Saghir Aslam & His Wife Who Selflessly Help Oppressed & Vulnerable Girls In Pakistan


The situation of child rights in Pakistan is disappointing for many reasons. However, Saba Trust strives to empower orphans girls in Pakistan by providing them with the tools necessary. This not only helps them to break out of the poverty cycle but also makes them independent and productive citizens of Pakistan.

Needless to say, running an orphanage is not an easy task. Feeding, caring, educating, and, above all, meeting the expectations of small girls takes a tremendous amount of dedication and affection. But this is what Saba Trust has made it possible with its unconditional love. It is located in Rawalpindi.

Saghir Aslam and his wife Bushra Aslam are well-known philanthropists from Southern California, US. For the past 48 years, they have been helping people in Pakistan as well as in other countries. They not only embrace the vulnerable girls but also struggle hard for the protection of child abuse in Pakistan.

Moreover, they poured their savings and strive to provide a loving home to orphan girls along with quality education that is envisioned to help them prosper as an individual.

As soon as a girl completes her Bachelor’s degree, she is married off to the best suited. And even after she gets married, she visits the institute every now and then. It is an eternal home to them.

Moreover, these girls are prepared to be self-sufficient in the future and to achieve the highest level in their careers.

“Girls at Saba Trust grow up getting the best education because we want our girls to become empowered women and become successful doctors, engineers, lawyers, leaders, thinkers, and movers of the future,” Aslam said in an interview with Daily Pakistan.

He added, “Saba Trust is a family, a home, an educational institution, where we uplift and transform the lives of young girls.”

Girls call Aslam and his wife ‘Mama’ & ‘Papa’

Saba Trust is a haven for young girls to live and receive an education under the supervision of Aslam and his wife Bushra, who they fondly call mama and papa.

He and his wife believe that in the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just a place to have food and sleep, but also safety and community. Aslam believes nothing brings him peace more than being a father figure to these poor and vulnerable girls.

Just like other children in their homes, these girls are provided a comfortable and peaceful environment. Room mothers are present 24/7 to ensure that all the girls are looked after well, and to make sure that the girls follow the set schedule for every day.

Aslam and his wife left their comfortable lives they were living in the US for over half a century to build the institution for orphans. Hats off to this selfless couple for producing peace-loving leaders of tomorrow from among the most neglected and abused segment of the society.

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