5 Common Reasons Behind The Broken Marriages Even After Long-term Relationships


Being in a relationship is overwhelming.  Everyone wants to have a lasting relationship and hence starts expecting a lot from their partners. But not every relationship lasts forever, some relationships end very early and turn out very ugly that people often regret them. In fact, a healthy and happy relationship depends on the efforts made by both persons.

Here, we are listing some of the most common reasons behind broken relationships. So, check them out and save your relationship before it’s too late.

1. Fear of Lifetime Commitment

In the early days of a relationship, everything seems wonderful and you’re on cloud nine. You do everything for making your partner feel special. You’re often OVER affectionate towards your partner. But, this doesn’t last for long. It fades away with time. After you get married, there’s no more excitement left in the relationship. You start taking them granted and think that marriage is not what you wanted and you see this relationship as a burden. You ignore them and fear for the lifetime commitment which breaks the bridge between you two.

2. You Decided Getting Married Very Early

You get attached to someone and confused it with love. It is basically infatuation when you get comfortable around someone and you start calling it love. Afterward, very quickly jump on to the decision of getting married because you become so passionate about that person. That’s where things go wrong, without giving it much thought, you decide to get married. Then, after marriage, you realize that you’re in the wrong place and lose all interest in your partner.

3. You Get To Know Another Unpleasant Side of Your Partner

It is not easy to know everything about someone. Even after being in a relationship with someone for years you can not know every single thing about your partner. After getting married, when you live together, you start getting to know every little thing about them and there you discover each side of them, some good, some bad. There are certain behavior and things which people do not like about their partners and this is a major reason that leads to separation.

4. They Are No More Your Priority

It is a fact that everyone changes with time and also their priorities. After getting married, some people often realize that they are stuck in a relationship and it is stopping them from growing and hence, decide to get divorced. They think that their relationship is the obstacle in their way to growth. Before marriage, a life partner is their priority and after marriage, they often prioritize their career and decide to end the marriage.

5. The Unrealistic Expectations Doesn’t Get Fulfilled

This is another most common reason behind broken marriages and other relationships. People start expecting too much from the relationship and their partner and when their unrealistic expectations don’t get fulfilled they get hurt and disappointed and feel like their partner has betrayed them and hence, find it right to end the relationship.




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