Do You Know Your Hug Style Reveals your Personality?


We meet, we greet, we hug and we kiss. There’s lots of way to express your respect, your care or your love to a person. But do you know the way you hug somebody actually defines a lot about your personality? If you dont know, answer is Yes. It reveals what kind of human you are.

Now one may wonder what’s difference in hugging? Well, there are lot of way to Hug, or we can say Body Language. Let’s find out what Hug style reveals what about the personality.

1. We get to see usually within Friends. Because this express that you are very much comfortable and relaxed with the person besides you. It expresses one of the most comfortable relationship.

2. To hug someone from behind not only reveals that you are sweet but you are caring and kind too. It also expresses how badly you want the other person to be with you, for ever, and you just want to let him/her go away.

3. This style sounds a bit uncomfortable. If the other person holding your arms, it means she is not comfortable with how you are holding her. Which also means, both persons are not entirely relaxed with each other.

4. Well, this is the most attractive and sensual way of Hug. Not only both the persons are comfortable with each other but they are also physical attracted with love and relation.

5. Now this is the most sweetest hugging style between friends. It reveals a huge amount of love and trust between friends.

6. Well, according to this picture, one is just not in the mood to hug you. However, he/she is just acting to be hugging you. You must not approach them ever for a hug.


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