Mira Sethi’s Low Key Wedding is an Inspiration for All


Weddings are all about gathering your loved ones under one roof enjoying your big day with your future better half.

Recently, Actress and writer Mira Sethi who announced her engagement last year tied the knot with her long-time beau and fiancé Bilal Siddiqui in an intimate wedding ceremony in San Francisco, California.

Sethi took Instagram and announced her wedding with a heartfelt caption writing, “I did my own makeup, scooped my hair into a ponytail, and married the love of my life. Two weeks before the wedding, at Burning Man, I painted love of life’s nails while the love of life was asleep

Love of life woke up, looked at the hand, smiled, and went on with his day. Two weeks later he strolled into a wedding venue with these nails. I love him, and here are some photos of this crazily delightful day.”

It looks like celebrities are now opting for weddings that are intimate rather than grand affairs and we personally find that quite refreshing and inspiring. Saving cost on wedding and choosing for a small event can be the latest wedding trend.

what are your thoughts about the small simple weddings? Let us know below in the comment below.



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