Netflix’s Gripping New Thriller ‘Fractured’ Has Everyone Obsessed


Competing with the weekend release of El Camino, Netflix’s new crime thriller was always going to have a tough time standing out from the crowd.

But reviews for Fractured have revealed it as vital viewing.

Starring Avatar’s Sam Worthington, and directed by consistently-reliable-genre-director Brad Anderson, the film has relative star power and is leaving viewers ‘tense’ and ‘shook’.

What is Netflix’s Fractured about?

Following a man travelling back from a disastrous Thanksgiving with his wife (starting with a family holiday gone awry is stressful enough for me as is), Worthington’s Ray is thrown headfirst into a series of chilling events. After his daughter is involved in an accident, Ray falls asleep while waiting at the hospital, waking to discover no-one appears to remember his wife or child.

With increasing paranoia, Ray delves into a wild conspiracy, seeing police bribes, transplant boxes, and hospital workers supposedly caught up in the scheme.

The behaviour of the staff gets increasingly strange and erratic, with one of the doctors even claiming that his daughter has ‘beautiful eyes’. Trapped within the alien and unsettling place in an attempt to find his family, he sets out to expose the facility for all its nefarious goings-on. But is he hiding something?

A struggling father, attempting to make his marriage work, Ray shows signs of frustration and anger, with flashbacks hinting at a dark past.

Dealing with themes of loss, paranoia, hallucinations and insanity, the plot has twists and turns on top of twists and turns.

Although not particularly standing out from the previous thriller films it has clearly gained inspiration from, it offers the viewer a constantly tense and nervy journey, making it a perfect Halloween film for all your friends who hate Halloween films.

Managing to keep the suspense of ‘is he hallucinating, or is it all real?‘ until the very last twist at the end, the film is perfect for all you armchair detectives.

What are people saying about Netflix’s Fractured?

It seems to have some real fans on Twitter, who have managed to look past the extended scene dealing with the bureaucracy of health insurance, and enjoy the film for its solid revelations.

One person wrote: “I’m watching Fractured on Netflix and have absolutely NO IDEA what is happening….on the edge of my seat atm! If it’s good enough to tweet about before you even finish it, you KNOW you gotta check it out!”

Another added: “If you’re looking to have some sort of psychological turbulence this night, then watch #fractured on Netflix!”

While a third said: “Just watched Fractured on Netflix and my jaw is still on the floor at that ending, kept guessing what was actually happening all the way through but did not predict that. A 10/10 film.”

As part of Netflix’s October ‘Netflix & Chills’ season, the streaming platform has been putting out some spooky treats for you to enjoy (if you try to at least get past the terrible pun).

The current release dates offer a film per week for the entire month:

In the Shadow of the Moon: Friday, Sept. 27

In the Tall Grass: Friday, Oct. 4

Fractured: Friday, Oct. 11

Eli: Friday, Oct. 18

Rattlesnake: Friday, Oct. 25 

Jumping on another Stephen King adaptation, Netflix’s release of In the Tall Grass has been most hotly anticipated. Centring on a brother and sister who are separated in a Kansas field among the, uh, tall grass, the original film offer another set of chills perfect for the Halloween season.

So despite some good reviews from fans, Fractured doesn’t seem set to overshadow El Camino for the time being (are you surprised?).

But if you want some good-ol’-fashioned suspense, and a main character you can yell instructions at, Fractured might be the film for you this weekend.



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