PM Imran Khan To Save Rs. 10 Crores On International Visit In January


Prime Minister Imran Khan, ever since coming in power, has talked about austerity and saving national resources. Time and time again, he has vowed to make the corrupt pay for looting the country. His goals of retrieving money from the looters might have remained a long-shot, but personally, he is trying everything.

As per a press release from the government, Prime Minister Imran Khan will be traveling to Davos, in the Swiss Alps, to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting. Davos is one of Switzerland’s biggest famous ski resorts but it is noted for hosting the WEF meetings.

It is an annual meeting where political leaders and business elites come together to discuss economic issues and solutions to the world. In January 2020, PM Imran Khan will be representing Pakistan at Davos.


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