5 Signs of Strokes a Woman Must Never Ignore


Women are comparatively very less aware of their health than men. And it is a serious matter of concern. Even after getting dangerous signs, they simply ignore them and hence, gets in serious trouble and fall prey to dangerous diseases.

There are many signals of stroke which one should take seriously. It can occur anytime and cause long-term illness or even death. Many unhealthy habits like poor diet, drinking, high blood pressure can cause a stroke. It usually occurs when the blood supply is stopped to the brain, which causes a loss in motion and motor control.

Here, we are sharing some warning signs of a stroke. Check these out and take necessary steps for your health.


Not only the older women but stroke can also occur to young women. Severe headaches are the most common signs of a stroke. It can be due to a lack of healthy diet and stress. If you are suffering from migraine and severe headache then it is a warning sign. It increases the risk of death by stroke by 50 %. In this situation, consult a doctor immediately and get started with your treatment.


Feeling numbness in certain body parts and dizziness are some early signs of a stroke. It can occur on one side of the body, maybe one arm, one leg. You can also sense some changes in one part of your face. There will be sudden numbness followed by needle-like tingling sensations. Once you notice such symptoms, call the ambulance immediately and start your treatment.

Don’t wait for more than five minutes and call for help.


One of the most common signs of stroke is difficulty in walking or maintaining balance which often leads to falls. If you find yourself having difficulty in standing or moving from one side of the room to another then you might be in trouble. These signs include a lack of coordination that affects the individual’s ability to perform basic activities. This happens because of the cut off of the blood supply to the brain.


Individuals at risk of a stroke begin to feel nauseous and dizzy in the early stages. This can be due to vertigo. Many women ignore these symptoms thinking that these are very common to occur to anyone but in fact, these are the signals that point towards your poor health. These may be very common symptoms but needs serious concern and medical help.


Individuals often suffer from altered mental state. It causes one to becomes confused and includes other things like hallucinations, sudden behavioral changes, agitation, unresponsiveness. This is your body’s way to show that your health is declining. These symptoms are generally noticed by others. So, if anyone around you shows these symptoms and there is a sudden change in their personality then you should definitely take them to the doctor and help them out.

If you sense these changes in yourself, then seek medical help as soon as possible.




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