6 Proven Tips How to Stop Feeling Depressed at Night


Are you unable to sleep at night due to depression? If yes, then you should definitely give this article a read.

Stress/depression management is one of the most underrated but most important things to do. Majority of people face difficult times due to depression. In fact, nobody is happy all the time. At some point, we all feel depressed, it is horrible!

We become so helpless and hopeless to think positive. One of the most common things that happen in depression is difficulty in sleeping. The negative thought processing in mind doesn’t stop. It gets worse in the night.

Here are 6 working tips that help you stop feeling depressed and stressed during the nights and you can sleep peacefully.

Keep Yourself Indulged in Some Work During Evening

Negative thoughts occupy the free mind. As we already mentioned, it gets worse during the night because at that time, we don’t have anything to do and our mind is free.

So, keep your mind busy in the evening. Do something you enjoy during this time so, at the bedtime, you will think about it and eventually fall asleep rather than overthinking unnecessary stuff.

You can go out with friends, watch your favourite movie or show, calling your favourite person are some of the great ideas. This will keep you away from the negative thoughts.

Try Out The Natural Home Remedies

There are many home remedies that you can try out. These will surely help and comfort you to fight depression at nights and you will sleep like a baby.

If you are a tea person, then drink some nice hot herbal tea before bedtime. It will soothe you and calm you down. You can also try having a hot aromatic bubble bath or simply a quick hot shower to relax yourself.

Some other remedies include massages and aromatherapy. Use any essential oil like rosemary or lavender near your pillows,it will make you fall asleep faster.

Write Down Your Thoughts In Diary

When we are depressed, we can not even figure out what is wrong and what are we thinking. Nothing is clear in our mind.

A good idea is to maintain a personal diary. Whenever you feel depressed, just pen down your thoughts on it. This way you can see your thought more clearly and it will also act like a person to whom you can share your thoughts. You will feel lighter and this will stop your mind from overthinking.

Breath And Believe.

Don’t lose hope and keep believing that everything gets better. No matter how long and dark the night is, the morning will definitely come with a burst of bright sunshine.

Believe in yourself and the positive energy you’re holding rather than letting the negativity overpower you. Just hold on to the ray of hope!!

Read, Read, Read!!

Reading is the best way to keep yourself away from negative thoughts. Grab any book of your favourite genre and read it. You can also try this when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Don’t use your phones during the night, scrolling and reading thousands of unnecessary posts. Get yourself some good books and trust me, they will keep the depression miles away from you.

Yoga and Meditation

Perform some yoga steps before bedtime. This is a proven way to relax your body and mind. Meditation is also one of the best methods to calm your mind and relieve stress.

Go to the quiet corner of your house, put on some good soothing slow song or chanting and perform meditation. You can also take help from a trained instructor. You will definitely see the results in a few days.



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