Pakistan’s fast-food trend is going high


One of the basic necessities of life is food. Some eat to live while others live to eat. Despite being an under-developed country, the food industry is thriving in Pakistan. In the recent years, various global food chains have set their sights on Pakistan and some businessmen are focusing attention on buying franchise rights.

A noticeable swell of income and the participation of women in the workforce suggests less time for traditional cooking and family meals. Around 2/3rd of the 200 million population is younger than 30 in Pakistan. Some flexibility in norms and social attitudes is also perceptive which has helped made Pakistan the fastest-growing retail market.

Traditional food seems to lose its appeal as fast food is gaining much allure in Pakistan. Fast food chains have burgeoned overwhelmingly all over the country as per the increasing demands of people.

Home cooking hours have comparatively minimized and people prefer ordering what they want to have from their desired restaurants rather than cooking food at home. This western trend has grown much all over changing the domestic food habits of every day’s life.

Meeting people’s demands unlimited restaurants and food shacks are now found in every city or street. Especially in Karachi, people are much tempted towards fast food and like to have it routinely by moving to food places or ordering on delivery.

Along with Pakistani food, Chinese, Western, Italian and Continental cuisines have also gain a lot of fondness and become a part of Pakistani appetite.

Every time at all hours every restaurant seems to be seated with people which itself signifies the overpowering likeness for fast food in Pakistan.


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