An Indian tabloid apologised for reporting that Atif Aslam named his kid Alhamdulilah


Remember when Atif Aslam announced the birth of his second child and we were all over it?

Well, Indian tabloid Desi Martini also shared the happy news, except they got a little confused about the child’s name.

Perhaps it was the lack of punctuation (no, it wasn’t) or the lack of awareness for very obvious norms on the part of the writer but the site originally reported that Atif Aslam had named his son ‘Alhamdulilah’ because of the singer’s caption, “Our new arrival Alhamdulilah.”


People were quick to not only call out the silly mistake but also make a point about how unaware the site is for letting this happen. However, the writer responded to the criticism, accepting her mistake and rectifying the error:

Desi Martini also posted about the mishap, taking accountability and notifying that the mistake is there no more.


It’s a good thing they held themselves responsible and admitted the blunder rather than shying away. However, it does show how unaware folks are about certain basic concepts and for a publication of any level, that’s not okay.



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