Fans get why PSL had to be postponed.


With coronavirus cases rising in Pakistan, the PSL seemed to be working as a decent distraction for those constantly anxious regarding the terrifying situation.

Quarantine, cricket, and chill would have been the plan – except as things got worse, PCB announced that many of the international players will go back to their countries, postponing the league until further notice.

Cricket peeps on Twitter are clearly upset

But Lahore Qalandar supporters have TAKEN IT PERSONALLY, IN CAPS LOCK

The wounds were still fresh

Some believe it’s a strong case of nazar

Or a typical case of yahoodi sazish?

Couldn’t resist throwing some shade at Umer Akmal

While others have already picked a winner

Have to say, it was good to have the league back

We stand with Wasim Akram!

I’m not crying, you’re crying!



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