Here’s A Happiness Mantra For Parents That Are Always Worried


Do we really want our child to see happy? Yes, obviously.

After all, a parent’s ultimate dream is to see his/her child live a happy life free of worries. But a child will be a child only once. He/she will not get their childhood again or revert back to whom they were years before. Therefore, we must let them live happily and limit the restrictions we choose to impose upon them.

There is a very effective recipe that all parents should follow in order to keep themselves as well as their children’s content.

Be happy yourself

Yes, moods are undoubtedly contagious but you have to remind yourself to smile; because whenever you look back, your smile will often help your child feel joyous.

Encourage children to build relationships

Have you ever heard yourself saying that your child always gets into conflict; with other children or even your own self for something? Try to give your child what he/she wants; let them play with the people they wish to and eat the foods they want to etc.

Allow children to express their emotions

Laugh whenever you get a chance to and always remember; nothing has ever gotten better by worrying about it. Note to keep in mind: the rules within the adult world should not be applicable to children.

Do not overschedule your child’s life

Inventing, creating, and daydreaming – this is what childhood is about. Hurrying children, herding them from one class to another, and compelling them to live within the rigid structure; of what needs to be accomplished on a particular day, causes childhood stress and intense unhappiness which can be severely damaged in the long run.

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 Do not pressurize children to perform

It is very important to emphasize the importance of effort and not performance. Children need to be taught that real happiness comes from doing – from being able to do, regardless of the outcome.

Lastly, be yourself and let your children be themselves for that is the only way both can find true peace and joy.


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