How To Control Coronavirus In Pakistan


In our under developed country Pakistan 5 cases of Corona Virus are inspected.After finding symptoms in them their blood samples were sent to Hong Kong and nobody was found contrast to CoronaVirus.

Here is the question arise in our mind that is due to the threats of virus is how can we keep control on it? Living in 21st century and underdeveloped it will be most horrifying for us if corona will spread in Pakistan.

Undoubtedly we Pakistani’s are incapable to built Hospitals in 6 days like China even our Hospitals don’t have enough tools and medicines to fight against CoronaVirus.

Then what precautions can be adopt under such circumstances?

Care is better than treatment because if treatment is not available in Pakistan then certain essential precautions can be adopted to overcome this Coronical Diseases.

  • Do not keep your throat dry.
  • Do not visit public places and try to stay at home.
  • Adult People Drink at least 50 Degree of Water.
  • Avoid from Spicy and Oily Food.
  • Keep Drinking Hot Water Till March.
  • Keep on Drinking Water with Some Intervals.
  • Children People Drink at least 30 Degree of Water.
  • Must Wash your Hands Whenever Visit Outside to Home.
  • Use Vegetables and Fruits in Massive Quantity.
  • Intake Vitamin C on daily basis.
  • Avoid from Meat.
  • Must Put Hygiene Mask on your Face When go Outside

Mask is very necessary to use to control such diseases which spread frequently and transfer from person to person. But it is a state of lament that mask are now unavailble in market probably they are stored for being sold on high prices in near future,when CoronaVirus will give his last deadline to the most of the citizens of Pakistan.

Here is one more question arise apart from this discussion and it is a question of humanity or question on humanity. For God sake Insan ban jao (Be Human) because being human its our duty to serve humanity and not to conceal humanity or conceal from humans. Keep it in mind there is a stage in life where we all have to pay for our wrong Deeds. Let,s serve Pakistan as it is our home. Lets serve humanity for spreading Peace in World.


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