Media As Change Agent


Is it really true that media plays a role of change agent in society???

How It Does Happen??

Lets have a look on our past years when some of us even not born. When people was unaware from their basic rights and punishment without reason was consider the right of rulers.No one could raise her/his voice even for the basic necessities of life because protesters were prisoned also newspapers had been banned if any column written against to the Govt. or Agencies of their countries.Germany is most notorious country for Hitler.

But due to its persistency media have changed the people way of life by changing their way of thinking. Undoubtedly media has revolutionized the world.

The functions of mass communication can either be manifest or latent.Post the Second World War, there was widespread interest in trying to understand the impact of mass media messages on society

Negative Approach Of Media

Though many positives changes have been made with the help of media but the negative approach of media to people cannot be neglected.Media has also been used as a tool of propaganda by politicians and after 20 Century it has become a trend to use media for creating propaganda.Now we can say that media and journalists are also running their businesses in modern world.

The role of media as change agent is worth discussing because if analyzed deeply without media it was quite difficult for people to ask and know about their rights.Media bring us the concept or equality among poor and rich.But negative propaganda is a big flaw of media that need for a change too and here media needs to become a change agent for itself.



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