Pakistan is gradually easing lockdown restrictions, said Imran Khan

Pakistan gradually easing lockdown restrictions, said Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that the government is easing lockdown measures, which were taken to stem the spread of coronaVirus, gradually as it deprived numbers of people from their jobs.

Addressing Corona Relief Tiger Force, which is going to start operation from today, Imran Khan said Covid-19 has badly affected the poor and laborers of Pakistan. People are facing an unemployment crisis due to the

fall of the business.

The volunteers will also register the people who lost their jobs during the coronaVirus crisis, the prime minister said.

To run the wheel of the economy, SOP’s have been outlined to uplift the lockdown slowly from the economy. But we will impose lockdown again if people will find a lack of responsibility in following SOP’s.

Moreover, The tiger force will neither get any salary for their service nor collect any funds from the public. Tiger force will aid in coordination with the administration of Pakistan. The Tiger force will point out the violations like hoarding, etc. and will inform the administration that will take action, said the PM of Pakistan.


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