PM Imran’s Changing Statements About COVID-19 Situation Is Confusing Pakistan


Imran Khan held the reign of Pakistan in the year 2018 since then the country witnessed drastic changes. Currently, in the coronavirus pandemic, the decisions regarding tackling the lethal virus, he rapidly changed his stance from one to another.

Addressing the nation regarding the lethal COVID-19 virus, in one of his first speeches, PM Khan had said something totally opposite to his new assertions. He said, “Coronavirus is a kind of flu. The specialty of this flu is that it is highly contagious. However, conversely, this will soothe you that 97 percent of cases of the virus get completely cured.” Reportedly, Prime Minister Imran Khan said this on March 17, 2020.

On June 8, 2020, the premier said, “People are not taking it seriously; common masses are thinking that this is a common flu. Because people are not considering it as (something serious) this is why they don’t follow SOPs. Today, I would like to tell you that you are making vulnerable old people and people with certain diseases.”

Imran Khan is famous for changing his statements; he once defended his u-turn remarks. The cases of COVID-19 has soared in the country. The national tally now stands at 108,317 with 2172 deaths.

PM eased lockdown

Many across Pakistan are blaming Imran Khan for rising coronavirus cases in the country as he lifts the lockdown. Furthermore, many are criticizing the premier for saying that the virus is not vulnerable and again taking a u-turn and saying it is quite perilous.

“Yes, the [coronavirus] cases are rising, as are fatalities. However, we always knew that this would happen. Our concern was that the number of cases shouldn’t rise so high and so rapidly that health facilities are burdened,” he said.

“No one knows if that will happen this month or the next. However, we can’t afford to remain in lockdown continuously as our people are suffering financially,” said the PM.

People on social media reacted in the following manner to the contradictory statements of PM Khan

‘President of International U-Turn’

Pertinent question

‘Our government is confused’

‘Time has gone’

Prime minister Imran Khan made paradoxical statements regarding coronavirus. This led to nationwide criticism against the premier.

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