Police Investigation Suggests Dr. Maha Might Have Not Taken Her Own Life! Here’s Why


Depression, mental illnesses, and suicide have become prevalent within the society and we see so many young lives giving up and succumbing to their pain. However, as much of a sad truth it is; what we find even more traumatizing is how the crime rate is also increasing and many conspiracies have become common too.

Young, gorgeous, and vibrant Dr. Maha was found dead in her home in Karachi. Although the family had insisted that she took her own life. The story seems to have taken quite a bizarre turn, especially since the police stepped in. What seemed to have been an open-shut case proves to be something far more chilling and fearful.

What did the police reports say?

According to the police and medical reports Dr. Maha was shot in the head from behind. The bullet hit her head from the back, which proves that she couldn’t do that on her own. Not only this, but the case just opened wide and a series of conspiracies are about to be unleashed. If this evidence proves that in actuality Dr. Maha didn’t take her life, rather someone killed her; why is the family avoiding to share any shred of proof or evidence that.

What is even more strange is how no FIR was registered regarding the suicide case. Regardless, the police have now taken the pistol found at the crime scene for further investigation to the forensics examination and also have written to the letter to the Special branch so that the owner of the pistol can also be identified.

As of now, no claims by family or any acquaintance have come forward regarding the matter. Police are also mentioning that any evidence or proof found, will result in the confirmation of this case being identified as murder.

The 25-year-old Dr. Maha Shah, was found critically injured in her residence’s bathroom and was later on shifted to JPMC, whereby she breathed her last.

The young doctor was the daughter of Syed Asif Ali Shah. She was also working in a hospital near Bilawal House, Clifton. In addition, she was also associated with South City Hospital. The house she was found injured in, was rented by her father two weeks ago. It is truly sad to see how young lives are lost to trivial issues and unknown crimes.

Simultaneously, as of now, no concrete proof has been found and we wonder what actually happened. This isn’t the first suicide-turned-murder case that we might get to experience this year. Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise also rose some similar questions.

All in all, we hope that justice prevails and the police are capable of tracking down the actual culprits if involved in the story. We also hope that may Dr. Maha’s soul rests in peace.

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