Student From Sindh Diagnosed With Coronavirus Gets Hospital Clearance!


Shahzaib Rahujo, a student of Petroleum Engineering, returned from China. The young student was kept for further examination, which shows his blood tests to be negative of Coronavirus.

Shahzaib Rahujo’s blood result shows negative Coronavirus

Initially, Rahujo was kept in intense monitoring and an isolated unit, since his location in China was quite close to Wuhan. Wuhan is known as the city where Coronavirus took birth. Being skeptical about this situation was understandable. Authorities kept the kid quarantined and now he has been cleared.

However, the Sindh Health Minister, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho confirmed that he does not have Coronavirus and he will be discharged from the hospital soon. Rahujo has now been moved from the isolation ward and is being treated for further discrepancies.

Furthermore, Shahzaib Rahujo resides in a town called Nangerji near Khairpur. The student returned on 1st February as evacuations began in China. His brother talked with the media and told them that he felt like it was Eid for him and his family. He also promised to share hard copies of his medical reports with the media soon.

Death toll increasing every day

Meanwhile, people are still examining the situation. Shahzaib Rahujo came back with all the complete symptoms of Coronavirus. He had a fever, flu, body ache, and a bleeding nose. People are still worried about the situation because of the terror in their hearts.

Similarly, we still mourn over the death of several others, who became the prey of Coronavirus. The cure is yet to be found, and even if the cure is found, it will take long enough before the poor recover. People from all over the world are dying because of Coronavirus and the governments seem helpless.

The medical industry is dazzled by the turn of events and millions of dollars are being spent every day in order to find the cure.

What steps should we take?

In hindsight, it is hard to be sure about what to do and what not to do when it comes to the deadly virus known as Coronavirus. Due today, 34,915 cases have been registered with 724 deaths. The whole world has been endangered by this deadly virus.

Furthermore, we should try to avoid hospitals where these patients are being treated. We should wear face masks all the time to protect us from the germs affecting us. We should always keep sanitizers with us.

However, sessions should be conducted in every school to educate our children about Coronavirus and how to prevent it. We should also try our best to eat fresh and healthy at home rather than eating junk food.

Our country stands with Shahzaib Rahujo and we wish him better health. We pray that a cure is found soon and the others just like Rahujo can be saved. 


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