Top 6 freelance websites for beginners


Freelancing, the latest trend of self-empowerment is getting popular all over the world. The reason is simple, you learn a skill, offer it on freelance websites online and make money. It won’t be unfair to say, making money was never this easy. If you know a skill, you can get extremely busy on freelance sites.

Following are the 6 top freelance websites you need to signup today and start offering your services. The order of the sites is established on the basis of their popularity.


The biggest and by far the best freelance marketplace. UpWork is a merger of Elance and Odesk and has the most number of clients, freelancers collaborating. Many freelancers have made over one million dollars in sales on this platform. If you live in the subcontinent, in the jungles of Costa Rica or perhaps in the mountains of Mount Everest, you will find a freelancer from your nearby location for work on Upwork.

The quality of projects is excellent and the chances of fake projects posted are very minimum. As a freelancer, you get grades just like the points you gain when you play a video game. Higher the profile earnings, feedback, better the chances of getting project invitations, a privilege allocated for only the best freelancers on the platform.


This is another popular freelance website but it is non-traditional. Just like an eCommerce website where products are showcased for sale, Fiverr follows a similar model. Freelancers upload their ‘GIGS’ for purchase in different categories. Buyers come on the website, search for a service and find different gigs in that category. The order a gig from a service provider and once the job is completed, they release the money to the freelancer.


The oldest, busiest freelance marketplace which works like Upwork, clients post the projects and freelancers bid, once awarded, a freelancer gets the job done and gets paid. Unlike Upwork, the projects posted on Freelancerplatform are relatively low priced. It is an ideal platform for beginners.


As the name suggests, the Guru of all. On this platform, projects ranging from small to extremely big are posted. It is a leveled playing field for beginners as well as for seasoned freelancers and companies. Many profiles have done over one million dollars in sales. I personally love this platform because it changed my life.


This freelance marketplace is not for everyone, not for many seasoned pros out there too. Toptal has a unique way of inducting qualified freelancers. The select only the top 3% and those who clear a video interview get selected. They want to maintain high quality on their portal, the emphasis is on quality over quantity.

People Per Hour:

This freelance website focuses on hourly billing. The jobs are posted, freelancer explains the number of hours it will take to get a job done. People Per Hour has a unique model that gained popularity when ODesk was in business, it too focused on hourly billing tracking.


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