Viewers Are “Seeing Demons” Out Of The Corners Of Their Eyes After Watching Netflix’s ‘Eli’


Viewers of the Netflix horror film Eli are apparently seeing demons out of the corners of their eyes, which sounds bloody awful and I doubt I’ll be watching it any time soon.

Something that’s a lot of fun in my life is that whenever I’m home alone and laying in bed, my first thought is that the nun from The Conjuring is in my house, lurking about and wanting to ruin my night.

My general vibe with horror movies is to not bother. There is no benefit whatsoever to thinking you’re being stalked by some nefarious spectre and that’s all those kinds of films do to one’s mentality.

Eli is one of those things, and worse than making you feel like there might be a monster under your bed, viewers have genuinely started to think that they can see demons in their field of vision.

Eli follows a young boy (Eli) who has a debilitated illness that means he has to be covered head to toe at all times in what’s more or less a hazmat suit.

Eventually his parents decide to get him treatment at a private facility, where he can finally take his suit off and touch people and things properly.

However, one the treatment starts, young Eli is left in excruciating pain and begins to question his safety in his new home and the woman running it, Dr Isabella.

So yeah I definitely won’t be watching this.

Good luck if you decide to though. I’m with you in spirit… so are some demons.


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