How these Actors will look if they were Heroins


We don’t have any lack of beautiful and hot heroins in Bollywood industry. And so does the male actors. But have you ever thought what would have happened when some popular faces like Shahrukh Khan, Amir khan, Ranbeer Singh, Varun Dhavan, etc have been Female Actress (Heroins) of our film industry, instead of being a hero? How would they look? Will they appear Hot or just an irritating face? Let’s take a look:

1. Let’s take Amir Khan firsts. Known as Mr Perfectionist is one of the biggest and respected actors of Bollywood industry. Well, as Heroin he seems good, very honest and matured but so rocking.

2. Now let’s take Ranbir Singh. Wow. She seems pretty cool, i mean, He seems pretty cool. Sweet smile and beautiful eyes.

3. Ohh Man, Shahid Kapoor. She seems most of the Chinimini Chau Chau.

4. Now that’s what we call a beautiful face. Varun Dhavan seriously looks so cute and attractive as an Female Actress.He must try this in some movies.

5. Tiger Shroff, No Please. You continue being as a Hero, please don’t try female characters.

6. Definitely Shahrukh must never ever try playing as Female character. She looks so embarrassing.

7. The Bhai of Bollywood doesn’t seems so bad afterall. However, he still looks villainous in Female character too.

8. Last but not the least. Ranveer Kapoor. Now she appears to be the most beautiful and hottest Heroin of the entire bollywood industry.

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