3 Year Old Kid Locked Dad’s iPad for 48 Years


Although Google is known for its security measures in different services, but when it comes to gadgets, specially smartphones that hold our so many confidential details, nobody can beat Apple’s security services. It was proved again when an iPad get locked for 25 Million minutes after a 3 year old kid tried repetitive attempt to unlock the device.

With every new invention, Apple pay high attention to customer’s privacy security part. This is the reason so far no other company can beat Apple in security purpose. However, other Companies are trying hard to achieve the kind of security offered by Apple. But Apple seems to be more confident about the same and hence they said “What happens in your iPhone stays on your iPhone. “

However, sometimes these high-security measures can be a huge pain. It can backfire you.In case you forget your password for iPhone, iPad or any Apple devices, it can result in locking your device seriously.

This is something that happened recently whose iPad got locked for 48 years after his 3 year old kid tried to unlock dad’s device.

The guy named Evan Osnos took the issue to Twitter and was looking for any possible way out from this. He mentioned that his 3-year-old kid was unlocking iPad with the wrong passcode. However, Apple offers some leniency by locking device for a smaller duration on inputting of the wrong passcode. But the child didn’t stop there he kept on trying different passcode for long resulting in locking device for 48 years.

The issue is familiar for every iPhone and iPad user in some way or other. Once in a while users get punished for unlocking the device with the wrong password. However, the duration of punishment was bearable. But Osmos case is way different from the regular one. It is not practical to wait for such a long time.

As soon as the post reach out to people on Twitter, it started grabbing users attention and a series of funny streaks started building up. Some simply denied it by calling fake and some do take it seriously and suggested some solutions to get back to the device.

So if you face such issues on your iPhone or iPad, here are basic hand solutions which you can try. In most of the cases after wrongdoing, the device itself asks users to wait for some time. We would like to suggest you wait. After the waiting time trying to enter the right password to get back to your device. Or you can check out this detailed guide 6 Easiest Ways to Reset Apple ID and iCloud Password.

If you are unable to remember your password or you are facing the same issue as discussed above. Then there are two methods which you can try.

With the help of iTunes:-  Connect your Apple device with computer and open iTunes. The next thing we would suggest to restore a backup of your iOS device and simply wait for the installation process to get done. After the process, you are allowed to use your device normally. The important thing to keep in mind for this trick to work smoothly is to keep back up of your iTunes.

Through Recovery Mode:- Try to recover the password by trying the recovery mode on your iPhone devices. The other thing you can do if it’s not possible to reset the device through recovery, you may try DFU mode. This can set your device as a new but it will erase all your data.

The lesson which you should keep in mind always keep backup of your device. In case of emergency, it would be beneficial.


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