6 Terrible Things You’re Doing to Yourself Daily Due to Addiction


Addiction is dangerous! No doubt in that! Once you fall for it, it destroys your whole life, relationships and is also responsible for ruining your career.

It causes people to do terrible things that can harm themselves and others including friends, family, colleagues, and everybody else around. Addiction makes people lie to themselves and to others.

Although, it takes a lot of effort to get yourself out from a certain addiction but it is not impossible. It needs a lot of courage and will power. But before that, there are certain things you should know that you’re doing wrong to yourself. Here we have gathered 6 such terrible things you do every day due to addiction.

You Become Selfish.

An addicted person believes that he is the only one who is affected due to his substance abuse. You become compulsive and selfish. You become so self centred that your needs and requirements are the only things that matter.

Sometimes, this can cause you to avoid the treatment because you think that your drug abuse is affecting only you.

You Start Believing That You won’t be able to Live After Quitting It.

This is the biggest reason why most of the addicts refuse to get their treatment done. They start believing that they will not be able to do their work and other things without the substance of addiction. They even scared to think about it. It becomes very hard to convince themselves that their life will become normal if they come past to their addiction.

In such conditions, the addicts should be convinced and make-believe that the treatment is the only way to get out of it and it will save their life and career.

You Compare Yourself To Others

You don’t accept the fact that you’re doing wrong and start comparing yourself with others who are worse than you. Most of the addicts do this because this makes them feel that there are many people doing a lot of worse things than them and they’re far better than those.

In reality, the fact is, there are always some people who are worse than us. But, instead of comparing ourselves with people below are level, we should compare with the ones better than us. This promotes our growth by motivating us.

If you’re doing this, then you need to know that it is extremely wrong. Your substance abuse is not only affecting you but also the people around you.

You Believe You Have Proper Control Over Your Addiction And You Can Stop It Whenever You Want

This is the biggest misconception an addict has. He thinks that he has proper control over his substance abuse and he can quit it whenever he wish so. But if it is to be true, then why hasn’t he stopped till now?

This truth is, once you become addicted to something, you lose your control and power to do anything as per your wish. The only thing you can do and infact you should do is to ask for help.

You Have A Misconception That Your Life Will Be Boring Without Intoxication

Over time, you make a mindset that if you stop doing narcotics, your life will become boring and there will be no fun. But, in reality, you give up on the things you enjoy and love doing the most, just because of addiction. It’s just that the drugs made you think like that.

You Believe That Drugs Are The Reason For Your Happiness

You start thinking that drugs are responsible for your happiness and if you want to be happy then you should be doing drugs.

The drugs addicts completely forget the terrible effects of drugs on their lives. Failed career, problematic relationships and poor health is what drugs are costing you.

The substance abuse creates the problems before you which you cannot easily escape.

The only thing that can help you out is to get your treatment done. If you’re facing the same issues and you can relate to these points, then don’t hesitate to ask for help. Once you gather your courage and make your mind, then there is no going back. Start looking at your life objectively and put an end to your addiction.




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