6 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Depressed And Low


Depression is dangerous! The more we run away from it, the more it comes back roaring to us.

Everyone does feel happy all the time. Life takes everyone to a point when everything seems hard and we feel helpless. We feel lost and isolate ourselves from the world. The negativity empowers us.

Dealing with such situations is not an easy thing to do. That’s why here we are listing some mindful things you should do whenever you feel depressed. These 6 Tips may surely help you out of your depression.

Find Out The Reason Why Are You Feeling Depressed

In a situation like this, one doesn’t even know why he is depressed and why are the negative thoughts coming to his mind. The depression is of two types, chemical and situational. So, the very first thing you should do is to find out what kind of depression are you suffering from.

As the name suggests, chemical depression is due to any chemical reactions in your brain. The brain chemistry causes it and it is there since birth. The chemical depression can also be caused by a traumatic life incident.

Situational depression is caused by some life event. It happens when the things that you don’t like takes place. Chemical depression requires proper treatment and is not so common. But, situational depression is very common, it happens to almost everyone at some point or other.

Keep Yourself Busy In Doing The Things You Love

When someone is in depression, he isolates himself from everyone. He doesn’t feel like doing anything but overthinking, which makes the condition even worse. He just stays in a corner of his room, doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t talk to anyone.

If you too can relate this, then here is what you should actually do.

Prepare a list of things you love. It can anything like reading, watching your favorite show, going out for a movie, romantic date with partner, yoga session, outdoor games, etc. So, rather than staying in your bed and thinking negative, get up and do these things.

Don’t Ket Your Brains Free

When you feel depressed, do not isolate yourself from the world. This is the biggest mistake we all do. This makes us even more depressed and we burn out.

Instead, be with your family or friends. Keep yourself indulged with them. You will automatically get out of your depression zone.

Stay In Company Of Positive Person

A cheerful and positive person has the power of influencing others and cheering them up. Choose your companions wisely because a negative person will make you feel bad and will fill your mind with negative thoughts. On the other hand, a positive person will help you to get out of your depression.

Visit A Therapist

If you’re feeling depressed for a long time and if you have some time then it is a good idea to visit a therapist. You will surely feel the changes after a few sittings. Don’t hesitate to tell your therapist what is actually happening with you and your life. Just open up yourself completely and follow his advises.

Seek Medical Help

If you constantly feel depressed all the time and even after trying a lot, you can’t get out of it then, it’s the time you should call your doctor.

It may be the chemical depression that we have mentioned above. Chances are your brain’s chemistry is making you feel that way. Get your check-up done and tell your doctor everything and he will take care of rest.



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