Actress Komal Aziz claims to be eye witness to a brutal murder in Karachi


Recently a news story went viral in Karachi. The reason, it was stated that a man had killed a robber at the Boat Basim area of Karachi, when he was approached for mugging. The robber had died on spot and people had appreciated the man for his bravery for defying the robbery and taking a wise decision on spot.

However, in a rather unexpected turn of events, television actress Komal Aziz has come up as an eye witness to the entire scenario, stating that she saw the incident before her eyes and the man murdered wasn’t done so in self defense.

In a video interview, Komal Aziz, is heard stating that she saw the death body lying in front of her house for more than 15 minutes, even before people could reach him and that he carried no weapon as claimed by the murderer. Komal also says that upon searching on the internet and talking to the man’s family, she found out that he wasn’t a robber and that the murder had taken place because of an ulterior motive.

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In the video, Komal says that the murderer Haseeb, had been waiting around patiently near his car right below her apartment until he was approached by the victim Sanaullah. “Upon Sanaullah’s arrival, Haseeb shot him in the heart at a point blank range. Had it been in self defense, Haseeb wouldn’t have shot Sanaullah multiple times. Also if he had suspected a robbery, Haseeb had ample time to drive off and avoid the entire incident.”

Komal Aziz had also shared on her Instagram story that this incident had taken place because of a girl and had requested the police not to be lenient with the murderer because he was rich and well connected.

It seems like the police is now investigating the matter at hand. Regardless of what the truth is, kudos to Komal for coming out courageously, without fearing for her own life and speaking against a murderer.


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