AI helps police solve blind murder case


In a groundbreaking move, the Delhi Police utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to reconstruct the face of a man whose body was found near a flyover, subsequently deploying posters featuring his image to unravel the mystery surrounding his identity.

The initiative not only facilitated the victim’s identification but also led to the apprehension of the perpetrators, as confirmed by law enforcement authorities.

According to police reports, the body was located in proximity to the Geeta Colony flyover on January 10, prompting an immediate investigative response.

A senior police officer said: “For us, it was a blind murder case as no documents were found in the victim’s pocket that could help us identify him. The body was taken into custody, and after 72 hours, doctors conducted an autopsy, which revealed that he was strangled to death.”

A dedicated team of 30 police personnel was assembled to tackle the case, with the primary challenge being the establishment of the victim’s identity. The officer explained: “Utilizing AI, we digitally reconstructed the victim’s face with open eyes and changed the background. The same photo was uploaded on the CCTN (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network) website, which connects police of different eight states, and more than 400 posters were distributed strategically in the national capital and shared digitally via WhatsApp groups till January 12.”

AI Delhi Police Murder Mystery

The breakthrough in the case occurred when an individual, upon seeing a poster outside a police station, identified the victim as his brother Hitendra. Subsequent investigation revealed that Hitendra had engaged in a dispute with two individuals over a woman approximately two months prior. The accused parties encountered him on January 9, resulting in his strangulation to death. The perpetrators were reportedly in an inebriated condition at the time of the incident.

Four individuals, including a woman and a cab driver, have been apprehended in connection with the case, as confirmed by police authorities.


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