Child convicted for 10 Years in a self defence case


Peshawar High Court (PHC) upholds childs’ conviction in a self defence case. On July 29, 2019 the court convicted a child to 10 years of imprisonment for killing their abuser who used to not only sexually abused him but also blackmailed him.

Justice Roohul Amin Khan Chamkani and Justice Nasir Mehfooz have ruled that such situations do not lead to the acquittement of the accused under Section 100 of Pakistan Penal Code, which deals with the commission of an offence in self defence.

This ruling was part of a detailed judgement released by the bench on an appeal filed by the child. The child was sentenced by a juvenile court on July 29, 2019, to 10 years imprisonment with a fine of Rs200,000 for killing a man, who sexually abused and blackmailed him.

The PHC dismissed not only his appeal bust also a criminal revision petition filed by the brother of the deceased requesting for an increase in the sentence awarded to the child.


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