Pakistan Tops The List Of ‘Best Holiday Destinations For 2020’!


Globally famous for its surreal scenery and lush green plains, Pakistan carries a wholesome of breathtaking nature. Despite being the prime victim of terrorism previously, the country is finally reviving its lost credibility and is progressing strongly. Recently, as per the Conde Nast Traveller, Pakistan is ranked number 1 among the best holiday destinations for next year.

Pakistan ranked 1st among the official list of ‘best holiday destinations for 2020’ by Corde Nast Traveler!

Apparently, under Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)’s leadership, the tourism industry is on its boom. Safe, reliable and not to forget, cheap circumstances even allowed an American YouTuber to travel across the north in just 100 dollars. However, similar aspects have now put Pakistan on top of the ‘best holiday destinations for 2020’ list and expectations are high.

Shared by several traveling panels on social media, the achievement has every Pakistani all proud and cheerful. Particularly, the holiday list was put together by the American traveler portal Corde Nast comprised of a total of 20 countries. Ending at Japan’s past and the present blended city Kyoto, the official list then had other places aligned with Pakistan topping the chart.

Pakistan and the appreciation it deserves!

Years back, ill-affected by the negative propaganda spread against Pakistan, the country is now standing tall with serenading nature to offer. Fortunately, the near-to-end year 2019 has also filled the country with many reminiscing memories. Apparently, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s consistent efforts of portraying the true Pakistan didn’t go in vain resulting in several important foreign visits.

Certainly, the fact can’t be denied that Pakistan carries some of the most exotic tourist attractions around the world. However, the vintage northern valleys and easy visa process brought in many international guests in 2019. Including, the Royal couple, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s official visit gathered Pakistan a lot of praises and the focus, deserved.

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s tour de Pakistan!

While on their Pakistan tour, the Royal couple was seen having a worth-remembering time with proper assistance. Apparently, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s entry in style in a cultured rickshaw at the Islamabad reception went viral. However, the Princess’ traditional attire [shalwar kameez] respecting cultural boundaries made her look even more elegant and graceful.

Well, talking about the recent achievement, the nation has always warmly welcomed its guests no matter the country. Filled with exquisite landscapes and its gigantic popular peaks, Pakistan will surely provide the travelers with unlimited memories to cherish. Finally, seeing the country regaining its long lost peace is definitely one of the greatest times for that nation. Come aboard!




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