PTA Warns TikTok To Control ‘Immoral, Obscene and Vulgar Content’


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked live-streaming application Bigo. The application has been blocked over complaints of ‘immoral, obscene and vulgar content’. Meanwhile, the PTA has also issued a final warning to China-owned short-form mobile video platform TikTok.

PTA Warns TikTok

In a press release issued late Monday, the PTA said it had received a number of complaints from different segments of the society about social media applications particularly TikTok and Bigo”.

The complaints included ‘extremely negative effects on society in general and youth in particular’.

Meanwhile, the PTA has issued notices to Bigo and TikTok under the law. It has asked them to moderate the socialization and their content within legal and moral limits.

The PTA has immediately blocked Bigo and has issued a ‘final warning’ to TikTok to control obscenity, vulgarity, and immorality in its content.

Singer Gul Panra TikTok Video 

Famed Pushto singer Gul Panra recently shoot a portion of her TikTok video at a state-owned residence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Soon Chief Minister Mahmood Khan took notice of the matter and formed a committee to look into the matter.

There were reports that Panra’s video was shot at the official residence of the Khyber District’s deputy commissioner. K-P CM asked who gave the singer permission to enter the state-owned property.

PTA has already temporarily banned PUBG

Earlier in July, PTA temporarily had banned PUBG over its addictive nature. Havoc was raged on social media as many people particularly gamers, opposed the PUBG ban. Meanwhile, many people lauded PTA for taking the right decision.

After PTA gives a warning to TikTok, PUBG supporters are rejoicing on social media. They have always pushed the PTA to ban TikTok instead of PUBG. According to them, PUBG represents Pakistan on the international level. PUBG lovers say vulgarity and indecent content is common on TikTok and ruining Pakistan’s image.

TikTok Minahil Malik was in depression recently after her compromising photos were leaked on social media.

Let’s wait and watch what the PTA has for TikTokers in its box. Some people even say that TikTok is not just an app, many Pakistanis are also earning through it.

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