Turkey Approached CoronaVirus In a Different Way

Turkey approached CoronaVirus in a different way

Turkey’s winning bet implemented an entirely different strategy against Coronavirus, curfew on just weekends in 31 provinces and Lockdown is applied to those who are under 20 or over 65.

             Some elders are living alone or stuck in some area, so people in their neighbourhood and health workers are taking care of them delivering food to them.

 Schools, Restaurants, Bar, Public places are all closed along with small businesses. People are preferring to stay in their homes as they are educated enough. Here Corona is not as severe as in other countries, and the death rate is 2%.

             One more excellent strategy of the government is done on mask supply. Masks are available, but you cannot buy them from any shop or pharmacy. People apply online, and every week each person gets five masks.

 Drug hydroxychloroquine and favipiravir, a Japanese antiviral, used much earlier in the onset of COVID-19, Turkey Minister of Health Attributes told the Nation.


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