Young film-makers determined to bring social change


At a time when majority of young people are worried about their future, there are few students, who raise awareness about social issues by making short video films and documentaries.

The group, which recently won the national record of the youngest film-makers of Pakistan, is consisted of a few school and college students, who produce short films on socialissues to create awareness among people. The group members are determined to bring a social change through their films.

`We have produced about 20 short films on public awareness themes including climate change, proper use of water, cleanliness and humanity etc.

We are happy that our short films have become popular. The record of youngest film-maker of Pakistan gave me great encouragement,` Ahsan A Khan, a 10th grader, who is leading the group, told Dawn.

He said that he had a passion for films since his childhood. `I realised that nowadays people have access to social media and internet, so decided to make short movies on different subjects andupload these on internet to raise awareness about social issues,` he said.

Mr Khan said that they bought cameras and other equipment from their pocket money and produced films with their meagre resources.

He said that he wanted to join the film industry of Hollywood as a director and producer.

Zeeshan, another member of the group, who works as a production director, said that he joined the group when he saw some short films produced by it.`I was fond of film-making but had no platform to exhibit my skills. When I saw Ihasan`s work, I was impressed by it so I joined his group. I am happy to work here during f ree time and use my talent and creativity,` he added.

Zeeshan said that creating awareness through films and videos was the most powerful means because people understood the message easily.

Presently, the group is busy in making a short film on humanity to show that everyone is equal andthere is no dif ference between the rich and poor.

`I enjoy working in the short films, focusing on social issues, as it not only quenches my thirst for acting but also I feel that I am a useful citizen for raising awareness about social issues among people,` said Zeeshan.

The group members said that they would be glad if government or non-governmental organisations assisted them in getting equipment and professional training.



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