Social issues depicted in paintings of children


Ali Azmat has highlighted the ‘distortion’ in the society in his paintings of children currently on display at Ejaz Gallery.

“My work seeks to remind people of what we are giving to the younger generation. I think our children are facing the worst as is a major part of our society these days. It is insecurity.”

A recurring theme in exhibition titled, Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom, is innocence painted in various situations.

Talking about his painting where a child is shown fixing the broken head of a doll, Azmat said that the purpose was to draw the attention towards how children are most affected by insecurity. Yet they are often not talked about it. The images portray the untold negativities of our society, he said.

He said that his work focused on spreading awareness in the society.

The pictures were praised by prominent artists and art teachers from the National College of Arts and the Punjab University. Several visitors said they found the paintings “interactive and communicative.”

They said they were moved by the idea of highlighting issues through painting that man faces.

The artist’s choice of acrylics on canvas as his medium and bright colours reflects the optimism of the children and their imagination.

Dr Mujahid Kamran, the PU vice chancellor who was also present said, “Art is a way of educating people.

The way Ali’s paintings have shown innocence of children thrown in nature’s devastating challenges truly move one. I would want this exhibition to be displayed at PU as well.”


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