Young Pakistani Actor Finally Gets Call For Marvel Audition After 2 Years!


Normally, we see people disappointed in the phrase ”patience is the prime key to success”. Such people haven’t been lucky enough in life. However, the case is quite different for this 23-year-old as recently he received what he had been desiring since 2018.

Certainly, it is time to bring a brown comic hero to life in the face of a young local actor from Pakistan as Marvel calls on him to audition.

Meet Ashar Khan – Young Pakistani actor who got an audition call from Marvel!

Previously, after a long wait, Marvel had introduced a Pakistani female superhero, Ms. Marvel with a strong avatar. Rumors also started circulating that Marvel’s upcoming movie might feature the American-Pakistani woman superhero but hopes are still high. However, recently, a striving young Pakistani actor Ashar Khan finally got an audition call from Marvel after two long years.

Here’s what the struggling actor tweeted!

Announcing the good news on Twitter, Ashar Khan quoted his 2018 tweet where he had suggested his role to Marvel. As per the comic, the American-Pakistani superhero Kamala Khan gets involved in a love relationship with the character called Kamran Khan.

Taking to Twitter, Ashar Khan attached snippets from the comic and suggested himself for the role of Kamran Khan, if Marvel ever transforms it into a feature.

”I call playing her love interest, Kamran Khan!”

Tagging Marvel, Ashar Khan tweeted, If [Marvel] decides to make a movie on the story of Kamala Khan (a teenage Pakistani American girl from Jersey City, New Jersey with shapeshifting abilities) I call playing her love interest (Kamran Khan)”. However, it later landed Khan in an advertisement posted for the casting of Ms. Marvel.

Earlier this year, in January, Ashar Khan then posted a ‘casting search’ advertisement for the role of Ms. Marvel. Particularly, Disney and Marvel were searching for a Pakistani female born and raised in New Jersey, US and should be no more than 20-years-old. While, for her love interest, they wanted a Pakistani male from age 17-25 who should have an American or a Pakistani accent.

The casting call!

Eventually, the response recently came in and the young Pakistani actor seems to be having the time of his life. Earlier this week, on Wednesday, Ashar Khan shared the big news that he has, at last, got his hands on the auditions happening for his role. Excited and happy, Khan posted, GUYS I GOT A CALLBACK FOR AN AUDITION FOR THIS ROLE!!!!!!”



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