10 Mysterious Pictures For Which We Have No Answers


In this ever evolving world, everyday innovations and discoveries happen. Technological advances and science just keep us going further and further. Ironically in the same world yet there are things that are very unimaginable and unexplained. Today we stop and take a look at such ten historic images for which we have no answers for. What intrigues further is that knowing that these images are taken by conventional cameras and no editing has happened, makes it even more eerie.

IRON MAN (Tank Man)

1989 was a bad year for Beijing. City was very unstable politically and full of Riots. During such precarious time, an image surfaced on the front pages of many famous magazines that an unknown man in Tiananmen Square held up blocking a column of tanks wit his body for half an hour. Although who that man was or what happened to him is still unknown but his heroic act is surely acclaimed.

Moon as we know it?

The final mission of Apollo program by NASA was one of the most successful moon landings breaking several records including the longest landing on moon. Many sightings of this mission were documented however, one image surely caught many eyes. That image taken during the mission was archived as overexposed. Experts, after working on the image and adjusting the contrast saw an outline that looked a lot like Pyramids, making many believe that there are in fact pyramids at the back of the moon. The resemblance is just uncanny!!

Photo Bombing Astronaut

Mr. Jim Templeton took a picture of his 5 year old daughter in the country. During the development of that photo, there is a distinct and evident figure in the background that looks a lot like an Astronaut. Mr. Templeton assures that there was nobody else around and after analyzing the photo, it proves that the image was not changed or rendered by any means. Eerie isn’t it?

Hello Chaplin

Sir Charlie Chaplin has a huge fan following yet today. So much that his movies and his filming are watched by many. In 2010, one of his most famous movies – The Circus made name for a very different reason. Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 movie Circus was DVD released in 2010 along with bonus filming frames. In one of the frames, it seems a woman is holding something very similar to a cellphone. Although Director George Clarke claims these frames as a proof of time travel, many doubt this as a cheap marketing strategy

Sir Goddard and Freddie Jackson

Sir Goddard, who fought in the First World War has a very strange photo in one of his photo albums. It is a group photo of all the squad members. After developing the photo, all the squad members recognized one person on the back row. Astonishingly enough, that person was recognized as Mr. Freddie Jackson who apparently died two days before the picture was taken. Moreover the fact that blows away everyone is that the Squadron were photographed on the day of Mr. Freddie’s Funeral.

A Sea Mystery

Internet is full of speculated images and fabricated stories. One such image is very famous on the internet where many claim that its is a photoshopped image. The catch over here though is that this image was taken in 1965 near the Hook Island in Australia,a time when photoshop didn’t exist yet. Photographer Robert Le Serrec saw something unusual near the island and took a photo that is still a subject for discussion for many Zoologists.

The Queer Fall

Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 is and will be one of the most saddest and most remembered day in Human History. There are many pictures, videos, news, bulletins, documentaries related to or made on this attack. One such image that gained huge popularity globally within few hours is of a man falling from North Tower of World Trade Centre. The Image taken by Press Photographer Mr. Richard Drew got noticed by many is because the man falls almost straightened up, which in reality is extremely difficult to do. Although many Americans claim that they recognize their relative in this picture, but the identity of that man is still unknown

The Unknown Lady called Basbushka

The Assassination of President John Kennedy is undoubtedly one of the biggest chapter in American History. On 22nd November, 1963 during one of his Presidential Motorcade, President John. F. Kennedy was shot dead. Many people who had come to witness this parade, took pictures which later became evidence to this inhumane killing. Many pictures that were reviewed to find proofs about this assassination showed one image of an old headscarf wearing lady holding a camera in one hand. Many attempts to find that lady went in vain by the special services as they believed that she might have caught the whole event on camera. She was nicknamed Basbushka which refers to an old Russian Ladies wearing headscarf.

Bizarre lights of Hessdalen Valley

A Norwegian photographer took this shot with a 30-second exposure and it shows weird luminous objects flying over Hessdalen Valley. To make it more strange, there are even more evidence that shows mysterious light flashing objects just flying over this valley. This object consists of Iron, Scandium and Silicon after the results of Spectral Analysis. Scientists to this date are still unsure about this object, making us think, do we really know the environment we live in?

A UFO named Black Knight

In 1960, which was still a very early time for satellites as Sputnik 1 was just launched in 1957, this was caaptured by an artificial satellite and was immediately named Balck Night by NASA. Since then, this unidentified Object has been seen time and again. Suspicion increase as this object keeps on appearing and disappearing from the Earth’s Orbit making the scientists believe that this is nothing but a artificial origin fragment.



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