15 Crimes Which Practically You Do Everyday


We, as a good citizen of a country, avoid doing any illegal things which are law wont allow. Some won’t do it to avoid punishment while some won’t commit it in respect of the law. But still we go through some of the illegal things everyday and probably we just don’t realize we have committed a crime. There are also some people who do illegal stuffs seeing others. Here are such 15 illegal things or crime which we all practically do. Let’s take a look.

1. Using Fake Names on Social Media or Online

Today mostly on Social Media we interact or chat with real people but with Fake Names. Usually because one person has several accounts where he or she can’t use the same name. You know how dangerous this could be. Similarly, when you shop something online, something which can be embarrassing for you if someone finds out, in such case you use a Fake Name to register on the site. This is to hide your identity but do you know this is a huge crime under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Law? In the year 2010 a Rhode Island prison guard was prosecuted under this law because he used fake name for his Facebook profile to do something with this boss.

2. Underage Alcohol Consuming

Now this may sound funny to many people but it is illegal to consume under alcohol until the night of your 21st Birthday. Today most of us celebrate anything good things with Drinks, no matter if its our graduation result or our colleagues Birthday, no matter we are still under 17, but we do. Well, you are committing a crime,

3. Downloading Music, Movies and TV Shows

This is a very common Crime we all do now a days. Let it be the series of Game of Thrones you downloaded without paying the HBO Now subscription, or the latest Songs with which your Storage is getting full, you downloaded without purchasing them. However, songs are getting free now a days because of streaming services. But Movies or TV Shows are still illegal to download without paying which we do frequently from torrents.

4. You get a Pet Dog but without License

The law is to register your pet dog with the state so that you can prove you are keeping its rabies shots up to date and you get a license. Most of us have Dogs at our houses but without registration or license.

5. Using Public WiFi

At many places getting online using any Open Network (Public WiFi) is illegal and is named as “piggybacking” crime. This could lead you to Fine or punishment like a Man from Sparta was fined $400 for using a Cafe’s WiFi sitting in his Car. He just wanted to check his email using this Public Wifi.

6. Mobile Phones While Driving

Texting or talking on Mobile phones while driving is not just a Crime but fatal for your life too. We all know that but still we commit it.

7. Not Wearing Seatbelt

Well, this is an important safety process too. And hence we all use the Seatbelt while on route to office or any long distance. But when it has to drive just a few blocks we ignore the seatbelt which is illegal and you could be fined for the same.

8. Driving Over the Speed Limit

Now a days we hardly know what is the speed limit and where is it mentioned. Every road has a speed limit but we simply ignore it. Well, it’s illegal to exceed the speed mentioned on the particular sign board for that road.

9. Driving Under the Speed Limit

And so is this. Being careful is your right, but going under a specific speed on a specific road could lead to accidents too. Remember, if you do this, you could be punished.

10. Playing Poker With Partner

Do you know under the ‘Illegal Gambling Act of 1970 states’, it must have revenue of more than $2,000 for one day of gambling to technically break the law. But it’s not impossible that a long night of high-stakes Texas Hold Em could lead you down that path of illegality.

11. Sharing Subscription Password

Now since downloading Movies or Shows without subscription is a Crime, you simply asked your friend for HBO or Netflix Password or you shared your password to him for downloading what he wants, in both scenario you are committing a crime. Though you saved your friend a couple of bucks but meanwhile you broke the law.

12. Sharing Your Medication

You had some tablets for your problems and a visiting friend got the same problem all of a sudden at your home and he couldn’t make it to doctor. So you shared your tablets to him, of course to help him. But that’s too illegal stuff since his body is not the same as yours and hence your tablets could be fatal for him.

13. Disturbing Contents Online

You are a blogger and you love writing. Or even on Social Media. But if you wrote something that is probably enough to unsettle any reader, then you have just went through violation of certain laws in some states. It has an act called “disturbing material.”

14. Making Memes

Memes have now become a trending stuff on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media. But since making those memes requires pictures of any celebrity, sports person or movie images, do you know they are copyrighted? And using those images may caught in some legal stuffs.

15. Taking U-Turn While Mentioned Not To

We see or do this very often. Traffic Police has stick the board where it is not allowed to take U Turn but we just look around for any Police person and if there’s none, we just take the U Turn. Well, that could be fatal and you are surely going to be fined.



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