5 Minutes Makeup Tips for Busy Women


I have received innumerable text messages and e-mails asking for a 5 minute make-up for working women or the ones who are running late for an impromptu event. So, today I am going to share a few things that you will need to achieve the perfect make-up look in the minimal time possible and with just 5 products. Let’s get straight to achieving the look:

Before we start with our make-up make sure you have a freshly washed face, you do not want to layer up your make-up.


The first and the most important step in applying make-up is hiding your imperfections and flaws. So grab your favorite concealer (and please make sure it matches your skin tone perfectly) and start by applying it to the parts where you have discoloration and pimple marks etc. Do not rub the concealer but gently pat in on your skin using a finger or concealer brush. This will give your skin the base to go ahead and achieve the best result.

BB Cream/ Foundation:

Now that all your imperfections are hidden it’s time to give your face an edge and a flawless complexion. Depending upon the coverage you desire you can either choose a good BB cream (Low to Medium Coverage) or a foundation (Medium to High Coverage). BB Cream will give you the dewy fresh look while the foundation will give you a chiseled look.


Now it’s time to define your eyes and give your look a color and lift-up your whole look. Depending upon the amount of color you desire on your eyelids, choose the best color complementing your outfit. Use a brush for perfect buildup of color or alternatively you could use you ring finger to build up the color.


Give your cheeks just a flush of color. Do not go overboard with color on your cheeks for a morning look or else you will end up looking like a clown. You can apply a heavy flush for an evening look, only if you can confidently pull it off.


Moisturize your lips well using a lip-balm and then apply your favorite lipstick or gloss. Choose the shade well. If you’ve given your eyes a lot of color its best to go nude on the lips and vice-versa. You do not want to go overboard everywhere, just choose your best one to flaunt.

That’s all that I have for you today, you can follow these 5 products and achieve a great look in as much as 5 minutes. But if you’ve got a few more minutes to define your look, go ahead curl your lashes and wear a few coats of mascara and also define your eyebrows, as these two are the 2nd most important things to achieve a great look. I hope you like these few simple tips, let us know what you think and share if you think we’ve missed something.

Until then don’t forget, You’re Beautiful!



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