5 Reason People Cheat on Partner, And How to Avoid Them Happily


A meaningful and loving relationship with your partner is truly a blessing. You can deal with any difficult situations in your life when you have someone who understands you and whom you can rely upon. As a matter of fact, not every relationship works that way. Being cheated in a relationship feels terrible. But we should know that there is a reason behind everything. There must have been some reasons that made your partner cheat on you. So, instead of blaming others, you should certainly try to figure out the reason that made your partner looking for someone else other than you.

In this article, we are listing some of the possible reasons behind getting cheated by your loved ones along with the ways to avoid them. So, check them out and make your relationship work…!!

1. Lack of Emotional Support.

The very obvious reason for being cheated in a relationship that you partner may don’t feel emotionally connected with you and in such case he/she might be attracted to someone who provided that emotional support to him/her.

How to avoid this:

Try to build emotional intimacy with your partner. Spend quality of time together. Share each and everything with them and listen to them, what they are going through. Listen to their advice and opinions.

2. Your Relationship lacks Passion and became Boring.

The reason that can make your partner go out looking for someone else is that your relationship lacks passion and excitement like it used to be. There might be a lack of effort from both sides.

How to avoid this:

You need to refresh your relationship and spice things a bit. Take a fresh start, re-live those earlier days of your relationship when there were so much excitement and fun.

Make your partner feel special. Tell them how much you care for them. Tell them how lucky you’re for having them in your life.

3. Your Bad Behavior and Betrayal

This is one of the most common reasons behind the people cheating on their partners.

When you hurt them and betray them, it breaks their heart at first but then they want to take revenge by hurting you. Another thing is, if someone comforts them at the time you hurt them, they get attracted to that person.

How to avoid this:

Learn to manage your anger and always be aware of how your behavior can affect your partner.

Learn to apologize to your partner after hurting them intentionally/unintentionally. A simple “SORRY” can save a relationship.

4. Lack of Commitment

Most of the relationships start online. Be it any social media platform or daring apps like Tinder. In such cases, people jump into a relationship too quickly without even thinking much and asking themselves whether they are ready for it or not. Such relationships don’t last for long, these are very exciting in earlier days but it gets fade away over time. They found themselves not ready to get committed with their partners and hence find others.

How to avoid this:

The only way to avoid this is don’t jump into a relationship too quickly. Give it a thought; ask yourself if you’re ready for it.

Take your time in knowing and understanding each other and check your compatibility with each other.

5. Your Partner Fell in Love with Someone Else.

The reason your partner is cheating on you is he/she might have fallen in love with someone else.

How to avoid this:

Now, this is something you can not work around and in fact, you should not. That’s not their fault completely. You might be unable to give what they really needed which they got from someone else.

Don’t force yourself on them. Let them make the decision for themselves and give them the freedom to choose with whom they want to be with.



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