How to make your Kid’s Vacations Educational


Well as most of us know child’s brain learns a lot of things when they are in their early age because their brain is storing all the memories. You can take utmost benefit of this by imbibing educational dimension to your vacation. Not only can you impart the knowledge that your child needs to know but also it will be very exciting for the child and will not look imposed.

Let us look at a few ways you can actually plan a vacation and make it education:

1. Plan

While helping your child with studies brush through all their text books and find one place that has been described or taught about in that lesson. That’s it! That will be your venue for the vacation. Drive your kids yourself and let them read about the place on the web, find out its flora and fauna and make them help you to decide the top places to visit. This will make sure that the child knows exactly where that particular place is located and since they have worked their way into finding its details it will remain in their memory for a long time.

2. Get Gaming

Make it fun for your child to visit the different types of places in the chosen location for example zoo on the first day, museum on the second and Gaming zone on the third. Ask them questions like which zoo are we going to go to tomorrow? Or what was that thing in that museum called? This will make the child reason out and ask questions like what, when, where and seek these answers. To make it more interesting arrange for goodies after every right questions, this will in turn force the child into finding out the answer and still get to know about the place in depth.

3. Snap It Up

We generally tend to remember things when we look at an old photo. A picture speaks a thousand words and can work wonders to give your child a brush up of what they did in the past. So click a lot of pictures while you are on the education/study vacation. This will not just capture the moments but work as an helping aid for your kid when they are stuck somewhere and probably this may act as a reminder for the answer.

Make sure you do all fun things and not just STUDY! Because Children will be children, it doesn’t take long enough for them to get bored. Keep their spirits high and let them enjoy their vacation, let the study be in disguise.

And as I always say, Happy Parenting!


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